Contracture Formation and Migration of the Implant


Some patient’s don’t develop immediate reaction with the implant and has satisfactory cosmetic results during the first years. However, because of the force exerted by the hard silastic silicone implant on the nasal tip it results in pressure necrosis and eventual migration of the implant upwards (pig nose look).




Silicone Implants are very prone to DEVIATION often following the dominant hand of the surgeon or the chewing preference of the patient. We don't use silicone in our center because of the said reason and the ARTIFICIAL LOOK that it gives to the patient. We prefer to use porous implants like GORE-TEX in combination with strong cartilages.


Silicone Implant heals by encapsulation. It is being treated as a foreign body so the natural reaction of the body is to form a capsule around it. This is a very loose attachment of the implant and any medium velocity force exerted around the nasal area can result in implant malposition and DEVIATION.