MATTGone were the days when only women seek improvement through cosmetic surgery. Now more than ever, men have discovered that they can likewise benefit from aesthetic procedures.

In today's extremely competitive business world when most of the players are smart, intelligent, persistent and hard-working, looks becomes one of the determining factors. Men gradually realize that there are instances when they have to wear their resume on their face. Not only must one be qualified, one must project a confident, youthful, and energetic look.

In one of the recent surveys the following were noted. 
  • 84% of men surveyed believed that physical attractiveness contributed to success and power on the job.
  • 42% felt that improving one thing about their face would help their career.
  • 32% agreed that a more youthful appearance would positively impact job success.

 The message is that the way you look can have a substantial impact on how you feel, your job, and your career.  This is the overwhelming reason why interest in facial plastic surgery among men has risen so sharply in the past decade.


Today, lower eyelid bags can be removed from inside the lid, and brows can be lifted through small incisions in the hair line, both without visible scars.  Surgery of the nose, chin augmentation, and liposuction of a double chin can project a more powerful and confident appearance. Facelifts are tailored to men's needs.

Men have different requirements from their surgeon, as they often wish to return to work earlier. Dr. Lansangan and his highly trained staff provide a careful and detailed consultation which considers all factors.