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Philippine’s 1st Advanced Rhinoplasty Center

Guided by over 15 years of expertise crafting the ideal nose profile for Asians, DR. SHIMMIAN AESTHETIC CENTER (formerly BEAUTY NOSE) is the FIRST CLINIC in the Philippines that offer Reconstructive Rhinoplasty using GORE-TEX technology with Cartilage Grafting. It's advocacy is to offer safe, worry-free, silicone-free, and natural looking surgery.

Likewise, it is the FIRST aesthetic center in the country to specialize on ADVANCED RECONSTRUCTIVE RHINOPLASTY.

This is an educational website on reconstructive rhinoplasty and other surgical cosmetic procedures. Check on the About Rhinoplasty and Frequently Asked Questions to finds the answer to your questions, and learn more the concept of “ideal nasal profile” by clicking on the Common Nasal Irregularities, and the Basic Parts of the Nose.

You can view before and after photos of rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and other facial cosmetic surgeries performed by Dr. Levi John Lansangan. Patients' consent are secured for all the photos shown on this site.


About Dr. Lansangan


Dr. Levi John G. Lansangan is the only Filipino member of the advance rhinoplasty research team in Asia and the co-author of the “Sub-Nasale Flap” published recently in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal. He has dedicated his life in the pursuit of safe alternatives for nasal enhancement.  (ICCS)

His dedication, surgical foresight and extensive years of experience in nasal craftsmanship have brought him local and international recognition among patients and aesthetic surgical societies.

Patient Testimonials

"The change done to my nose was AMAZING. Its
unbelievable! I am super grateful and I love it so much. My friends find it so
exquisitely crafted and they even said it doesnt look done.It looks super natural!"

Vyke D.