September 16, 2014

Hi Doc Levy,

Would like to inquire po how much rhino gore tex? I got rhino when i was 18yrs but im not happy with my nose. I am impress with lots of good feedback sainyo po that people underwent nose job but it looks natural. Additonal on this, could you pls help me to remove or lighten my keloid in my nose area. Please see attached pictures. Hoping to get feedback.

Many thanks,

September 11, 2014
Micka Anjela Domingo (09052257035) wrote:
Hi shimmian manila! I am micka anjela domingo and i'm 17 years old. I would like to inquire about the rhinoplasty procedure. My mom and I have been searching a good surgeon and clinic that can help me to undergo a successful rhinoplasty. I heard Dr. Lansangan was a very good in procedure of rhinoplasty :) How much is the consultation fee? And how much will it cost if I undergo rhinoplasty? Thank you I am beyond grateful if you'll reply soon.

August 30, 2014
Dear Dr. Levi,

I am writing to you as I would like to inquire for the "Rhinoplasty" procedure in your clinic.

I had a previous nose job and it was slightly misaligned and now I want that to be fixed.

Is there any similar package where I could get a good possible price for that.

Thank you.


hi Dr. Levie…I am one of your patients who had goretex rhinoplasty last 2007. You really made a very good procedure on me (it looked so natural except for some “little” unflattened, but not so obvious scars even after 3 years) and you totally changed my confidence and outlook in life. Truly, the world is so bias when it comes to beauty, beauty is always equated with more opportunities. I am now also practicing as a physician. I am on training now, but I wanted to ask how much budget should I prepare if I decide to get some paranasal augmentation this time to balance my rhinoplastic procedure? You already suggested this last time and I was haunted for three years thinking I should have listened to you…but last time, i really dont want to shock everyone for a complete make-over, especially my parents and friends. Now it’s been three years and like a butterfly, I wanna change again for the better…a paranasal augmentation is also timely since I’m already in my 30s now and I wanna stay with my 20s look…is it also goretex? i so love goretex, it’s so natural on me and I’m not worried about the rejection effects…you know how we doctors are so critical about it…so if you have time, please send me a reply here…thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon…oh just in case you wanna review my files, you can check on the medical records on October 2007 with patient’s name A.U., thanks and more power!


Hi Dr. levi

Let me greet you a happy and a blessed New year, wishing you
all the best for the new year that brings. I am healing really well but now
that its winter here in HK i would occasionally feel the pain on my incision i
guess its because of the weather. My nose is healing perfect and I have never
been so happy.

Hope you and Doctora are doing well. Again all the best for

All the best,



Good evening Dr. Lansangan. Thank you for everything! I have seen
the after photos and I was stunned. The change done to my nose was AMAZING. Its
unbelievable! I am super grateful and I love it so much. My friends find it so
exquisitely crafted and they even said it doesnt look done at doesn’t .It
looks super natural! My parents and my sister saw the pics as well and they
find the change unbelievable. My mom is very happy and agrees that Shimmian is
indeed the BEST in the country.Vashti is excited for her rhinoplasty as well.
I look forward to seeing you and the nurses of Shimmian again in a month
when my sister get’s her rhinoplasty. I can also honestly say that getting my
nose done is the best decision I have made in a VERY long time. Thank you

Vyke D.


Doc Levi,

Thank you so much yes the result all together about my nose is very contended, I am
very happy and I thank you for your amazing creation.

I will send my mum next week to your clinic then. Thank you doc for always
accommodating me.

May God bless you and all your venture in life. See you and doctora next

the best,


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Dear Dr. Levi Lansangan,

Hope your doing well……

I would like to thank you and your best
team i feel grate with your service.

its nearly 3 months since i had my rhinoplasty
and its amazing its look natural and i am looking younger
day by day.

I will send you my new photos soon.

God bless you Dr. Levi and your team….

Best regards,

R.D. Tongol


Hope you guys can still remember me…this is Ms. A____ I had rhino surgery last June 30,2011.I’d like
to thank you all guys for the good job!God bless you all! Can you please
FORWARD this email with attached new photos of me after surgery to DR. Levi for
his reference,I forgot his personal email. ______ my friend is going to have
surgery probably right now and sure she will be fine in your hands. Please see
attached pictures. Cheers!!!!! Sent from my iPad


Good day, I would like to write you a testimonial regarding the rhinoplasty you have performed on me. Prior to getting the operation, i did my research and I am not regretting that I came to your clinic. You really proved your philosophy of making the nose harmonious with the face unlike most clinics who try to feed on the patient’s desire to look like their favorite actor. My nose is healing and it really looks natural. People that’s not really close to me at work barely notice unless I tell them. I do get compliments that there is something new and pleasant about my looks. I even wish I could have done it at an earlier age. I vow to be your walking adverstisement cos you really deliver on your promise.

thank you for not making me look like those celebrity’s that got bliinded by this over rated clinics. You know your job and you really do it well, Im really happy. It makes me confident of my future.

Thank you, Noseboy


Dr. Levi, this is Stephanie I will be in Manila
on the 25th,

I will come by on the 26th.

Love my nose, Very happy

Thank you so much,


Dear Doctor Levi,

Hi Doc.I supposed to send you this email couple of weeks ago but a sad circumstances hinders me to do this.when i arrived here from holiday a really bad news shocked me.my 30 year old cousin diagnosed with acute leukemia and died last week.since the day i arrived i helped out my auntie to deal with the circumstances so i was busy and distressed.But the good thing is am still good in spirit and still pretty .. coz you make me more prettier..

Its nearly 3 months since i had my rhinoplasty and i can’t wait to thank you once again and to tell you my short story. Yesterday i was helping my friend browsing your link on the web and proudly telling her about how great doctor you are,and to my surprise, there i was! My photo on the photo gallery with very nice caption above! We couldn’t believe what we saw.Full of excitement,straight away i rung up my family in philippines to hurry and quickly have a look at my photos on your web.They rang me back and said the result was extraordinary,they were amazed about how huge the improvement of my entire looks! I feel like a celebrity ^-^ That is my story but i have more to tell you..

It was so uplifting to hear a lot of compliments from people saying how young and pretty i look! Some even said i look more half-caste (mestiza) than pure filipina but they cant guess exactly what have changed! Some thought its my new haircut,or my eyes and make up!

You’re exactly right Doc no one can ever guess what i had done why i look the way i am now,unless i told them of course? my nose looks oh so natural! What a marvelous result! All these i owed to you my lovely and truly gifted Doctor,Doctor Levi Lansangan.

I will never forget you doc. I will always thank you everyday and forever.

Also a sincere thanks to 2 other doctors and all nurses who assisted during my operation.They were very nice,friendly and warm.It made me feel more comfortable and welcome. You are all amazing!

Doc from now on i will be one of your ”walking ads”. Actually I have recommended you to all my friends who have similar beauty concerns. They will come and see you one day soon.

Thank you and more thanks from the bottom of my heart.

In few days time I will send you my 3-months post-op photos. Thank you for spending time reading my story. God bless you always.. I love Doc. Levi.



Jacqueline Tan Go (Australia)

hi sis thank u so much for looking after me while I was recovering from my eyelid operation. Do tell Dr. Levi, no more VB. I will be the one to advertise here in Australia. Thanks for introducing me to Doctor Levi


Monica Buenaventura (Branch Manager, Citibank Phils)

Thank you very much doctor levi, you changed my life and the way I look things around me. More power and blessings to SHIMMIAN MANILA


E.H. (440-539-8051) wrote:

Hello Po Doc,

Thank you for my new nose.I love it! I look more beautiful and i have more confident to my self.I like to pose my self in the camera..Thank you soooo much and especially your staff they are so nice, sweet and very helpful.I wanna go back again my next surgery will be my chin:)Your the best Doctor to gave the best result and very natural looking..T hank you Thank you!

Greatings from Cleveland Ohio


To: Dr Levi Jonh Lansangan,

Heret is attached my picture after two weeks of my nose surgery. As you can see it is a quite successful surgery and a state of the art job. I take this oppotunity to extend my thanks and gratitude to such a wonderful job that gave me a lot of satisfaction, joy, and, indeed, great confidence.


Ma. Victoria Dela Cruz

“Goretex is amazing! I had a contracted nose because of my silicone implant which I had for over ten years. Initially my nose looked good but everybody could tell that I had an operated nose. I had to change a bit of my lifestyle since it was risky to go on scuba diving with a silicone inside my nose. But no matter how careful I was, it failed to retain the look of my nose. Worse, I developed nasal contraction. I was so worried and distressed. It was a nightmare for me until in one of my trips I met a friend in Korea who was a patient of Dr. Lansangan. Back in the Philippines I consulted him at Shimmian Manila and had a revision rhinoplasty the next day – this time using a goretex implant. Dr. Lansangan is so good that he was able to restore my nose without any traces of previous complications. Now, my nose looks even better and very natural-looking. Just perfect for my face. I don’t have enough words to express how thankful and how satisfied I am. These days, when I get to talk to my friends and relatives who consider having a noselift, I always tell them to think about it a thousand times. Just go for the best implant material and make sure their surgeon is as skilled and experienced as Dr. Lansangan.”

Lorraine Sanchez, 37 (Filipino)

“God may have not blessed me with good looks when I was born. But He blessed you with extraordinary talent, expertise and artistry to enhance it and keep me looking the way I have always wanted to be. ! I do feel so much more confident about my face. Now, I love posing in front of the camera. God really works in mysterious ways.”

Joseph Kang Kim, 19 (Korean)

“You are such a master. Thank you so much for making me more beautiful – my nose is so beautiful. I love you doc! I love goretex too! I will be back in the Philippines late this year for my fat transfer.”

Christine Correa, 39 (FilAm)

“ From the start I knew I didn’t want to come out of this experience looking like someone else. I wanted to still look like myself – ONLY BETTER. To achieve the natural results I was searching for I knew that all I needed was a doctor with an artistic eye who specialized in rhinoplasty. When I met you, I knew you were that doctor. Thank you for the incredible job you did on both my nose and chin. I am truly grateful that I found you. I am even happier that I chose you as the surgeon to help me. It wasn’t a hard decision. Your wonderful staff made me feel comfortable and confident from the very first consultation. Looking through the pictures of the past patients only made that security and confidence stronger.

Nikki, 29 (Filipino)

“My nose is so beautiful! I love it! Nobody can tell. People just keep telling me I seem to look younger and more beautiful. But they can’t really tell. I love doc! They think it’s my new hairstyle.”

Kai Santos, 17 (Filipino)

“I thank & respect your work profusely. I won’t tire telling you again and again how incredibly happy you’ve made me! For the first time in my whole life, only now I get complimented by lots of people who don’t know what’s different in me– but tell that I look so great. Gotta love that! I am so grateful to have been your patient – you are an exceedingly gifted doctor! “

Rita Gonzales, 22 (Filipino)

“At first I thought I would regret it because your price is very low compared to the prices of goretex noselift in Korea . But I’m glad I was wrong. My nose looks like I was operated in Korea – it’s so natural and beautiful. I am definitely more beautiful now. That makes life more enjoyable for me. Thank you so much for everything.”

Michelle Park Sung Duk, 23 (Korean)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for finally giving me a normal nose. You and your staff are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!! This was my 3rd and final nose surgery. Bye bye to silicone implant! I am so thankful that I did my research for a specialized revision rhinoplasty surgeon and found Dr. Lansangan. I was very wary about finally getting the last surgeon’s mishaps taken care of. Until I met Dr. Lansangan who immediately put me at ease and listened to my concerns. I appreciate his patience to put all of my fears to rest. Then the actual surgery-WOW!- you did a great job. Thank you taking for taking your time (4 hours of meticulous surgery huh!) and my nose turned out beautiful! You truly are gifted and pay attention to details. Thank you for caring. It was a pleasant experience.”

Melissa Tan, 42 (FilChinese)

“I’m so happy to see my daughter’s “new” nose. It doesn’t look like operated. You did a wonderful job doc! We didn’t have to fly back to Korea to have a very good nose job. You saved us a lot of money. Sure I will have my facelift done by you.”

Jenny Lee Aei, Age (Korean)

“My new nose looks like it fits my face and no one would EVER guess I had it done. No one believes me when I tell them I had a noselift. A day after my nasal splint was removed, my nose was still a bit swollen when my parents mentioned that I looked so much younger and more beautiful but they couldn’t exactly pinpoint why. They didn’t notice that it was my nose though it looks very different than it did. Good thing there is GORETEX noselift, my nose looks so natural. I’m very thankful to Dr. Lansangan and the entire staff of Shimmian Manila Surgicenter. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting any type of cosmetic surgery done (especially a nose job), to visit his clinic and see Dr. Lansangan.”

Joy Conanan, 34 (Filipino)

“I used to be camera-shy. But now who cares if I take my pictures in the middle of the traffic, or right when I wake up. I’m just so beautiful these days, I couldn’t help to admire myself. You should visit my internet blog doc. You’re great!.”

Akira Yamada, 20 (Japanese)

“Dr. Lansangan literally changed my life and the way I look at myself. A year ago,I had a rhinoplasty (nose job) performed by Dr. Lansangan. I didn’t have a bad nose, I just wanted to slightly refine what I was born with. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing, though I knew that this was something that I definitely wanted to do and I had been shopping around many plastic and cosmetic surgeons. It was not until I walked into the offices of Shimmian Manila Surgicenter that I finally became comfortable. It was actually an accident. I was scheduled for my urinalysis in once of the clinics at Medical Plaza when I met a patient in the lift who had a mask on her face. When I asked her why, she told me she just had a noselift with a Korean-trained facial plastic surgeon. That was enough to interest me because she looked very satisfied even she still had that mask on her face. My accidental consultation was amazing. The entire staff was very accommodating – they all made me feel so comfortable and were involved and cared every step of the way. Dr. Lansangan even showed me a computer imaging of how I would look like more or less after my surgery. He patiently answered all of my concerns about having a noselift. Through him, I had my first education on different kinds of nose implants – from silicone to GORE-TEX to cartilage. I was cared for so nicely by everyone involved, I felt very safe and comfortable on the day of my surgery. In the days following after that, not only did Dr. Lansangan call me at home to check on me personally, but so did the staff and the anesthesiologist. As for the results, I could never have asked for anything as beautiful as what I ended up with! I look like I have the nose that I should have been born with, it is so beautiful. Thank you, you guys have changed my life.”

Marianne Rulloda French, 31 (FilAm)

“For over thirty years, I had been very disgusted with my nose. But the thought of undergoing the knife was really terrifying coupled with the bad experiences of my friends who had silicone implants. I’ve seen how their nose got worse and uglier after a few years of operation. It took me a lot of research, mental and emotional conditioning, and a lot of shopping around many surgeons before I finally had the guts. Thanks to Dr. Lansangan for addressing all of my fears and apprehensions. When I had my first consultation with him I knew I found the right doctor to do it on me. And I knew that goretex would be the best for me. I’m only one week post-op but the results are already amazing. I feel fortunate to have been in such expert and careful hands.”

Rica Villavicencio , 37 (Filipino)

“Thank you for the incredible job you did with my nose, eyes and chin. I love the results! It’s exactly what I wanted! You understood my needs perfectly! You are an amazing artist!”

Eric Perez, 24 (Filipino)

“Thank you for putting a smile on my face – literally! These days, all I need to do when I feel bad is to look at the mirror. It works like magic. I couldn’t help to feel good about myself and the way I look now. I love my new nose. My eyes became more beautiful and my chin more pronounced even if the only thing you did was my nose. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results! I am so happy I did this. You’ve been great, and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your efforts to make me look the way I look now.”

Lalaine Orlando, 18 (Canadian)

“Doc, I now feel like a movie star! My new nose does me great wonders! Don’t be surprise if suddenly you see me on TV. That means I finally made it with my new look.”

Kim Sung Ji, 17 (Korean)

“My worst fears of undergoing a cosmetic surgery never happened with Dr. Lansangan. I’ve seen a lot whose nose surgeries turned out too small, alars remained wide and not in harmony with the nose and the rest of the face, or a chin too long. The entire week after my nose and chin augmentation surgery, almost every night I had nightmares like that. Just before the splint and the bandages were removed, I had mixed emotions. I was excited to see how I would look but at the same time I was scared. But when I finally looked at the mirror, I was so amazed! Though my nose and chin were still swollen, I could already see the harmony and proportion that I had always wanted. I honestly could not have imagined a better result. The best part of all is that I got what I had always wanted. I STILL LOOK LIKE ME, ONLY BETTER. To finally feel comfortable in my own skin is such an amazing feeling, and it is a bit difficult to really express that in words. The best I can do is to give you a heartfelt thank you for what you have done for me. I could not have found a better doctor or better people. You’re a Heaven’s gift to me.”

Neri Gutierrez, 33 (Filipino)

“I’m sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner. I just wanted to thank you and the entire staff for everything that you did for me while preparing for my revision rhinoplasty. I just want to commend you for the caliber of surgeon that you are! I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me; explaining every aspect of the surgery. You made sure that you understood all of my needs and concerns, and that I understood in detail every part of the surgical process. I have never had a doctor that was so detailed in the pre and post care of surgery. I truly believe that it is what made the difference in my outcome. I have had previous rhinoplasty surgeries and have never healed too quickly! I do attribute some of that to all the precautionary measures that you took (arnica, platelet gel, oral steroids, etc). Your stellar surgical skills made my speedy recovery possible. I also want to thank your entire staff for their kindness and consideration through what was really quite an ordeal for me. Jenny was really helpful and patient in explaining your billing process and any questions I had relating to the procedure. Marlyn and Luz, the nurses who assisted you during my surgery were very comforting and attentive to my needs. I never felt I was away from home. I will definitely recommend you to ANYONE needing any facial plastic surgery, but especially one of the most difficult procedures, Revision Rhinoplasty. I used to love Philippines only because of my Filipina wife and the nice sceneries. Now I have more reasons to like it even better.”

Shinohara, 43 (Japanese)

” People keep saying something is different with my look these days. They all say I look so great. Did I lose weight? How come my face seems to look smaller? Wow! All these reinforce my new found confidence. Not only that – I love how I look in the pictures now. I used to dread being photographed because I always get dismayed once they’re printed. But those were the days. My experience with Dr. Lansangan was really great. I came to him for a noselift knowing that he specialized in facial plastic surgery and I knew that what I wanted to modify was subtle. So I needed someone who could fulfill my requests. Dr. Lansangan knew exactly what I wanted even before I went into detail about it. Even before I told him that the tip of my nose was bothering me apart from my wide bridge, he already noticed that and recommended to slightly shorten it. Actually no one could really notice that a bit droopy tip but me – until I came to consult with him. My nose turned out perfectly and I love that no one has noticed. I’m so happy with Dr. Lansangan’s work and have already recommended him to others.”

Alice , 22 (Filipino)

“I wish I had had the surgery sooner if only I knew earlier that it would save me 30 years of feeling insecured, slightly damaged and not good looking enough. I have always believed that cosmetic surgery was very risky and undergoing it might not be worth anything. And it was simply not for men. Thanks to Dr. Lansangan for helping me through the entire process. You enlightened me and helped me calm my fears. Now that I’m 41, only now I felt so liberated from the burdens of my being self-conscious and critical about my looks. I’m more confident now and I don’t have to worry much about putting on make up to soften my sharp look. I love the new look of my nose. Less the hump and the droopy tip I no longer look like a male parrot. I look more friendly and approachable unlike before.”

Alvin , 41 (Filipino)

“Thanks for the best care I received from you and your staff before and after my surgery. All my questions were answered and my fears were taken in consideration. I feel so much better about myself now. This surgery has made me feel beautiful. I carry myself with confidence now. Well everything worked out and I have a great looking nose and chin. You are the best doc! If I decide to have another procedure I will come to you. I have already referred you to my friends and colleagues.”

Mia Tan Sy, 23 (Chinese)