About Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center

DR. SHIMMIAN AESTHETIC CENTER is an affiliate of the prestigious SHIMMIAN PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER in Seoul, Korea where research and technology on nasal reconstruction have been on the advanced state.

South Korea is the first Asian country to adopt rhinoplastic surgery to craft in precision to the nasal anatomy. This type of surgery has been proven in several short and long-term studies to be SAFE, REJECTION-FREE, much more a NATURAL-LOOKING noselift.



To be known as the FIRST and LEADING medical institute in the Philippines to share and specialize on ADVANCED RECONSTRUCTIVE RHINOPLASTY.



  • To bring to the Filipinos and foreign patients the quality of cosmetic surgery recently being offered in more advanced countries in the most affordable way. 
  • To extend to medical doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery the advances on nasal augmentation by being a technology-sharing center.